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Žiga Miklavc

''I love nature and its elements. I talk to them, research them,  admire them and learn from them.''

With original music, Žiga enables people to reawaken joy, courage, faith and hope in all their cells. With his eternal smile on his face, he brings peace and happiness to the room. With cleaning campaigns he leads around the world, he raises awareness and connects the unconscious hidden part of us with the reality that is right in front of our eyes. He leads fire circles, which are intended for quality fellowship, connection, worship, conversation, singing and dancing. He writes inspirational/educational stories for young and old children. He organizes expeditions into nature (Pristine Journeys), where he teaches people how to cooperate with nature, learn from it and respect it. The experience he gained from years of working with sacred and medicinal plants and traveling the world taught him an authentic connection with all that is. He is currently devoting more and more time to working with the divine presence and exploring spiritual journeys that have a global impact. He prefers to spend his free time in nature in a hammock alone, with Lili or with friends, which gives him inspiration for new adventures.


Žiga Miklavc
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