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Energetic Massage


90 minutes

O tem

A massage for the moments in life you just need a bit more.

You grow, heal and flourish most when you are in a basic state of feeling safe, nourished, relaxed, welcomed and loved. From this state you can handle all adversities and stress life throws at you, take on new challenges, create, be present in your life and be full of energy.

Sometimes you might have a hard time creating that space for yourself. You might be stressed, emotionally overwhelmed, tired, overworked, facing challenges or change, feeling sad, angry or anxious...

Energetic Massage provides that safe space for you with undivided attention and care for the whole of you.

We address the physical and energetic layers of you through a combination of massage with mixed techniques, subtle energy work, breath guidance and loving presence in every touch. This will help you feel nourished and taken care of, relax the nervous system and provide it with more energy if depleted, sink in your body and the moment, subtly release stuck energy and stiff muscles, soothe emotions and give you space to feel and come back to yourself.

Be welcome and let yourself surrender to a journey of presence and care.

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