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Breathwork session


90 minutes

O tem

What is breathwork and what can you expect?

Neurotransformative breathing is a technique with powerful effects on the physical as well as emotional, mental and energetic levels. With the deep release of body tension, you will also be able to release your emotional blockages during the breathwork. Therefore, it is nothing unusual if you cry, laugh, and feel liveliness, joy, relaxation, calmness, and pleasure during the guided exercise. No prior knowledge is required. At every breathwork session, the technique is presented for new and occasional breathers, even those who are regular breathers will get instructions and advice on how to improve your technique, depending on your current state and mood!



• relaxation of body and mind,

• upliftment of mood,

• increase in energy

• increase in lung capacity,

• strengthening the immune system,

• fresh look,

• feeling alive,

• alertness,

• detoxification of the body

• improving memory and concentration,

• creativity,

• better self-esteem,

• increase in libido,

• regulating hormones (PMS, etc.)

• antidepressant effect,

• unlocking the body on a physical, mental, emotional and energetic level

• dynamic meditation (feeling of oneness)


What do you need?

• light and comfortable clothes (you can sweat, so bring clothes for before and after practice)

• blindfold or eye mask

• blanket

Please do not come to the breathwork practice wearing perfume and do not use strong synthetic deodorants.

Each breathwork session is a unique and unrepeatable experience. Come to the workshop with an empty stomach (don't eat for at least 2 hours), but after the workshop, take time to rest and enjoy! Hydrate yourself, drink at least 8 glasses of water, so the toxins that came to the surface during breathing will be washed away more easily.

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