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Discover the profound potential of touch and experience its transformative abilities.

Touch is one of the most healing forces in the world. The power of conscious, intentional, and open touch possesses incredible capability to dissolve and transform physical, emotional and energetic blockages residing within our bodies.

Immerse yourself in an exploration of the five elements and higher vibrations of the divine spirit. 

Engage all your senses as you master the art of working with touch, voice and sound. Learn to connect, feel and listen deeper and express your desires and boundaries.

The  workshop leads up to a profound experience of conscious embodiment—a culmination of all the lessons learned throughout the program. In this final part you’ll delve into a new realm of touch perception, where you will become aware of the feeling of fluidity and connection with yourself and others. Above all, you’ll internalize the fundamental truth that touch, as a primary sense, is an inherent human experience.

This workshop goes beyond mere massage techniques. It presents a unique opportunity to uncover the innate power of touch, enabling you to consciously give and receive it, express your desires, and return energy to the body.

Whether you are a couple or an individual, this workshop is suitable for those who want to discover the power of a loving and healing touch.

Are you interested in joining a future edition of this workshop or would you like to book this workshop for your retreat center or company?


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