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Inviting you to explore the potential of experiencing pleasure through your body and its senses.

Owning your pleasure is a superpower!

The human body is ingeniously wired to feel pleasure. Our senses, nervous system, brain and hormones collaborate, giving us countless possibilities to experience it. Pleasure is a never ending playfield that is very personal and ever changing. And it is there for us to experience, if only we know how to open up to it!

However, in our everyday lives, numerous obstacles hinder this experience.

What if you could expand and deepen your capacity to experience pleasure: more fully, more vividly and more authentically? What if there is pleasure concealed in every fiber of your being, in all senses, and even in everyday life? And what if you were to discover pleasure in things you’d only dared to dream of and in experiences you’d never anticipated? What if..?

This workshop invites you to explore the potential of experiencing pleasure through your body and its senses.

You will look into what inhibits us from allowing pleasure - such as shame, judgment, feeling unworthy of receiving or taking space, disconnection from the body and overthinking.

You will learn to identify and communicate our desires and boundaries and how to create a safe space. Through interactions with others and introspective practices, you will delve into the joys of both giving and receiving pleasure.

You will experience that pleasure has the power to heal and liberate. And by allowing yourself to fully experience pleasure and surrendering to the experience, you can find tremendous empowerment!

With a carefully selected set of playful exercises we will take you on a journey to uncover hidden potentials of the body and open up to feeling more present, vibrant and alive!

Are you interested in joining a future edition of this workshop or would you like to book this workshop for your retreat center or company?


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