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Surrender to your spirit guides, unlock your body and reconnect to your true power by trusting the intelligence of life.

Join us on an intense, beautiful journey towards your essence, your true happy and free self, and towards living your full potential.

During five days we will explore our primary human expressions. Sound, voice, movement, breath and meditation will connect us to our essence and help us unlock layers of emotions and trauma that influence our physical and mental state.

We will explore what it means to be a human being and how we relate to nature. We will surrender to our spirit guides, unlock our bodies and reconnect to our true power by trusting the intelligence of life.

We will celebrate life, open up to experiencing joy, freedom, happiness, and rediscover our inner wisdom and intuition.

The goal of the workshop is to reach a state of awakening and to learn how to feel different layers of yourself. We will reach this state through three principles: physical, spiritual and emotional.

In the physical part we will learn to recognize the patterns within our bodies.

The spiritual part of the workshop will help to reconnect us to our essence.

We will learn how to truly dive into our depths, our emotional responses and how to unlock all of our suppressed emotions that block our life force

We will practice daily Neurotransformative Breathwork, which transforms our physical and emotional state and will practice daily meditation.

The workshop is truly emotionally and physically transformative so you can expect to release emotional blockages (anger, sadness, grief, fear, laughter, playfulness, joy), find deep relaxation, discover yourself in a new way, relax your mind and feel your energy flow freely, release physical blockages, connect to your essence, awaken to the life force, recalibrate your inner self.

The workshop is not a vacation, it is an in-depth work on yourself. Only when you surrender and open to yourself, can you enter the state of rest and awakening!

Are you interested in joining a future edition of this workshop or would you like to book this workshop for your retreat center or company?


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