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Vsrkajte življenje v Portoriku
Vsrkajte življenje v Portoriku

Date and time is TBD


Casa Alternavida

Vsrkajte življenje v Portoriku

Osvobodite se čustvenih blokad, negativnih misli in starih vzorcev ter sprejmite življenje obilja in sočutja.

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Čas in lokacija

Date and time is TBD

Casa Alternavida, PR-968 Km 0.87, Río Grande, 00721, Puerto Rico

O dogodku

Experience a transformative journey that will release emotional and mental blockages on all levels of your being, allowing you to surrender to the flow of life and connect with your authentic self. Through various practices such as somatic movement, breathwork, meditation, collective work, and adventure trips in the rainforest you'll unlock stuck emotions, release blocked energy, experience deep relaxation, and fully activate your life energy.

You will be guided to release emotional blockages, letting go of unresolved trauma that is trapped in your body, and healing chronic pain through daily somatic movement and breathwork practices. This will create space for fresh and new pathways of life force energy.

You will practice how to face and overcome blockages (fear, guilt, shame) in a safe and supportive environment. Take life in and embrace it fully!

This is a boutique retreat where we will work in a small, international group (max. seven participants and two facilitators), thus creating an intimate setup where your needs and desires will be heard, seen, and felt.

This retreat is for those who are physically healthy and ready to dive into their emotional body (anger, sadness, grief, joy …) and energy body, seeking a new direction, truth, and potential in life. It's an intense journey of self-discovery and growth, incorporating physical exploration, somatic techniques, emotional exploration, energy practices, and more.

How will this retreat change your life?

  • You will explore and transform negative patterns, cultivate communication skills, learn to set boundaries, and engage in group dynamics. Embrace gratitude, compassion, surrender, and connect with nature for a unique experience.
  • You will learn how to connect with your body’s intelligence, develop the skills to trust it, and let yourself be guided by it. Open up for receiving empowering tools of acceptance, self-love, and honesty that will support you on your path to live your true purpose.
  • You will develop self-discipline, gratitude, and patience while fostering authentic connections and true soul friendship.


Island of Enchantment—in Spanish, Isla del Encanto. It's Puerto Rico's nickname for good reason. Sandy beaches, palm trees, and tropical breezes make it a favorite getaway for the sun-and-surf crowd. Rugged mountains and verdant rainforest attract adventure travelers.

About the retreat center

Casa Alternavida is a boutique wellness retreat center offering a high-touchpoint, guided retreat experience for curious, growth-minded individuals and groups. Located at the Southern tip of the Bermuda triangle, it is strategically aligned so guests often feel time expand and their busy, stressful outside world disappears. Geographically, it is nestled between the El Yunque National rainforest and the warm turquoise ocean water so it’s easy to experience the cycle of fresh mountain rainwater in the river down to where it pours into the ocean.

The environment of the retreat center supports getting people out of their heads and into their body, a vast and commonly untapped intelligence that can bring deep insight and guidance.

What’s included:

  • 4 nights full board accommodation in a single room.
  • Organic, multi-course food experience, daily snacks, and a variety of refreshments (tea, infused water, juices, coffee).
  • Guided nature adventure into the magical location of Rainforest rivers & waterfalls, Including transportation, expert guides, first aid, towels, water, snacks.
  • Transformational retreat program daily practices:
  • emotional release,(unlock and softening the armor block ,releasing anger, sadness, fear, joy),
  • body movement, (shaking energy exercises and somatic exercises, yoga),
  • energy work (embracing the divine energy potential and surrendering to higher potential),
  • breathwork, (kriya yoga, fire breath, neuro transformative breath practice),
  • guided meditations, sensorial body practices and visualizations,
  • mindfulness, deep relaxation practices, awareness,
  • sound and voice practices,
  • working with elements,
  • couple exercise and group practices,
  • compassion plan  (we make compassion plan for our near future, who we will support from our deep heart-opening connection experience),
  • devotional practices,
  • power of manifestation and intentions practice,
  • consent exercises, (practice of being honest and expressing the truth thru your desires for you and others).
  • Transportation from and to the airport.
  • Afternoon Beach Trips (4): includes transportation, beach towels, special access to nearby beach.
  • Before and after photo session.

What’s not included:

  • Flight tickets,
  • Travel insurance (it is mandatory),
  • Individual sessions and treatments.

Retreat Leaders

Lili Gavrilović & Janez Vidrih

Full Price: 3590 €

Early Bird Price: 3230 € (Until Feb. 28th).

For payment plan please contact us at: until Feb.28th.


Attending a retreat with Lili was the best life changing experience in my adult life. Personal growth processes  that started there,   completely redirected my life path towards my true purpose and are still resonating deeply within me.

I still attend her retreats regularly, breath-work practices and one on one treatments with her . I dare to say, she is one of the most important persons I met  in my entire life and her uncompromising teaching and support made me aware of what kind of person I want to be now and in the future .

Positive changes after she stepped in  my life are too many to number -  we resolved consistent   problems and addictions that I was fighting with for many years with different therapists without success.

Most importantly, she empowered me in a way that I am now able to feel my true capacity -  and have a clear vision  to grow into a future me  - that I didn’t dare to think could exist.

A true master and an extraordinary human being. Thank you Lili!

Gregor Zemljič

Mastering Engineer/Musician/Sound Designer

Lili Studio workshops are an extraordinary journey, practice to surrender and lead with Pure Light and Love. She transmits shamanic wisdom and open heart energy into her energy work that truly supports my own inner-self transformation.

The team of four strong "transformers" is totally coordinated, experienced, with high discipline, heartfelt communication and 360 degree attention. Lili's techniques are really powerful, the power and holistic approach she embodied creates trust and safe space for delicate trauma and shadow work.

Each exercise in Lili Studio is an invitation to look deeper into the dark and negative emotions and at the same time is a ritual to transform them in the Light/Love of Pure Heart. I experienced deep re-connection and envisioning of my true core self. And I also learned the only rule I want to live by. NO BULLSHIT.

The results of intense working with such a dedicated teacher (Lili Studio) are amazing. I feel profoundly empowered and dare to live a lot more in my original vibration. Liberating.

Taira, architect

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