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Lift Your Spirits Up!
Lift Your Spirits Up!

čet., 08. apr.



Lift Your Spirits Up!

Join us on an intense, beautiful journey towards your essence, your true happy and free self, and towards living your full potential.

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08. apr. 2021, 15:00 – 12. apr. 2021, 14:00

Velenje, Lopatnik 4, 3320 Velenje, Slovenia

O dogodku

Lift your spirits up! A 5-day dearmouring workshop with Lili Gavrilović.

Introduction We are tribal creatures with a rich history of cooperation and mutual support that enabled us to progress as a species. But we have lost that communal connection, so we are drenched in loneliness and inner disconnect. It is hard to be a human being without a strong inner guidance, trust in a higher power and ability to harmonize with other people. That is why we decided to join our knowledge and invite brave individuals to join us at this workshop - an initiation to humanKIND.

Who is the workshop for? The workshop is an intense, beautiful journey towards your essence, your true happy and free self, and towards living your full potential. If you feel disconnected from yourself and feel physically and emotionally tired and stuck, then this workshop is just what you need. As we are slowly emerging from the year 2020 and evaluating the toll it has taken on us, we are very aware of all the things that no longer serve us. A lot of people carry a lot of fear and sadness, because it feels like the world as we know it is ending. Now is the time to release all the fear and self-doubt and make an active effort to discover our essence and release it. It is the perfect time to give the wild in us space to roar and help us build a reality that supports us, enables our growth, playfulness, and joy. The workshop is intended for physically healthy bodies. If you have any kind of physical limitations or psychological / health issues, please contact us for advice. We strongly recommend a few days of rest before and/or after the workshop, because this workshop is a not a vacation, it is a journey towards remembering who we really are and what behavioral patterns hinder our growth. It is an elimination of all the toxic mindsets that have been imposed on us and an emergence into our essential truth, love and power. Couples are welcome.

What is the workshop about? During the five days we will explore our primary human expressions and movements like sound, voice, movement, breath and meditation that will connect us to our essence and help us unlock layers of emotions and trauma that influence our physical state. We will explore what it means to be a human being and how we relate to nature through interesting daily practices. We will surrender to our spirit guides, unlock our bodies and reconnect to our true power by trusting the intelligence of life. We will celebrate life, open up to experiencing joy, freedom, happiness, and rediscover our inner wisdom and intuition.

The goal of the workshop is to reach a state of awakening and to learn how to feel different layers of yourself (emotional body, pain body, mental structure, physical blockages, and energy). We will surrender to guidance from the spirit realms and explore what it means to be a part of a healthy community. We will explore our individual hurts that linger in our system, so we can emerge on the other side connected to the here and now, standing in our power, and owning our decisions.

Workshop program Every day we will explore ourselves through different practices for 6-9 hours. We will do this through group dynamics and individual processes. We will reach a state of awakening through three principles: physical, spiritual and emotional. In the physical part we will learn to recognize the patterns within our bodies, we will shake our bodies to activate our fascia, we will practice somatic exercises to awaken our bodies and we will explore ecstatic dance. The spiritual part of the workshop will help to reconnect us to our essence. We will practice daily sacred rituals, explore natural elements and their influence on our wellbeing. We will connect to nature by tapping into its natural rhythm and by doing so reconnect to ourselves. We will lift kundalini energy and learn how to control all the energies that are flowing through our bodies. We will practice daily Pranassana – Neurotransformative breath, which transforms our physical and emotional state and will practice daily meditation. We will explore our emotional bodies throughout the workshop. We will learn how to truly dive into our depths, our emotional responses and how to unlock all of our suppressed emotions that block our life force. We will do this through self-dearmouring and self-discipline, practicing patience, gratitude and empathy, learning how to tolerate our individual processes and other people and through confronting our egos. Throughout the workshop we will also explore the principles of duality: group conversations vs listening to ourselves, discovering our animal spirits vs developing our intuition, discovering our inner male principles vs learning about our inner female principles, surrendering to power vs surrendering to gentleness.

What to expect? The workshop is truly emotionally and physically transformative so you can expect to release emotional blockages (anger, sadness, grief, fear, laughter, playfulness, joy), find deep relaxation, discover yourself in a new way, relax your mind and feel your energy flow freely, release physical blockages, connect to your essence, awaken to the life force, recalibrate your inner self. Unlocking your essence results in joy, but it can be painful to get there. Set an intention before you join us. Really think about what it is you want to release and rebuild. Prepare your body in advance and take some time off after the workshop so you can allow your dearmoured self to settle. The workshop is not a vacation, it is an in-depth work on yourself. Only when you surrender and open to yourself, can you enter the state of rest and awakening. The workshop is set up for maximum of 20 people.

Who will guide you towards your self?

Lili Gavrilović Lili has been a bodywork practitioner for over 15 years. She is an experienced masseuse and yoga teacher who quickly recognizes physical and emotional blockages and knows how to guide people into a more fluid, relaxed and content state. In Dearmouring she found her true calling as it combines many levels of awareness and bodywork. Because she went through powerful processes, she knows how to hold space with love and confidence. It is her powerful and loving presence that allows people to feel safe to confront their inner depths and release their truest selves.

Janez Vidrih Janez is a certified body-work practitioner with degrees in Japanese manual therapy Yumeiho and De-armouring. He was trained in Slovenia, Croatia, Netherlands and Estonia. During his ongoing training in Dearmouring arts, he has attended and assisted many workshops and gained profound skills in space holding and assisting individuals through deep, challenging, life-changing processes.

Ayla Heier Ayla is a bodyworker and Dearmouring practitioner from Netherlands. She is trained and certified in De-armouring with different schools and is always continuing her journey, eagerly broadening her skills. Ayla has a capability to make you feel safe, seen and taken care of. Venue: Veduna Lopatnik 4 3320 Velenje Slovenija

Arrival: Thursday 15. april at 16.00 Departure: Monday 19. april at 14.00


Accomodation (price is influenced by the room type): € 296 - € 560

Workshop price: € 490

Applications and payment till 23. March. Only payment of non refundable € 200 makes a reservation. Upon applying we will send you the payment details for the workshop.

We encourage people with money issues to contact us about payment plan.

Registration contacts:

Accommodation and food is booked and payed for separately through the venue.

The price for workshop and accommodation together includes: 4 nights 3 meals a day (fresh home grown and locally sourced ayurvedic vegan and vegetarian food) 5 days of the workshop program The price doesn’t include: Transportation Tourist tax (paid at the venue upon arrival).

Transportation Veduna can arrange shuttle service for people coming abroad. We will also connect participants to arrange private transports. The venue is easy to reach with public transport.

Covid We will not carry out strict physical distancing because of the nature of the workshop. But we are taking extra precautions, so we set the maximum of 16 people per workshop. The venue is large enough to safely host this much participants. We would like to ask you to inform yourself about the current regulations in your country and Slovenia before booking and look again before coming to the retreat.

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