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What we do


We offer a variety of workshops, retreats and one on one sessions depending on your personal needs. Whether you need to relax your body, relieve aches and pains, or take your personal and professional life to the next level, there is something for everybody at Lili Studio.



Adventures outside of your comfort zone

When we are spinning in emotional and physical fatigue, we are tense and unconnected to ourselves, we need to reset and return to ourselves. On our retreats we do that by traveling to a state of mindfulness through three principles: physical, spiritual, emotional, and energetical. The fundamentals of sound, voice, movement, breath, meditation, and collective work will help us connect to our essence and unlock the layers of emotions and traumas that affect our psycho-physical state. During this work you can expect the release of physical and emotional blockages (anger, sadness, fear, laughter, playfulness, and joy), finding deep relaxation and self-discovery, feeling the flow of energy through your body, connecting to your essence and awakening of Life Force Energy.


Aligning With Yourself

Reset and Return to yourself in an emotionally and physically transformative workshops to release blockages on all levels of your being. Learn to surrender to the flow of life. Learn to feel the energy running through your body and listen to what it has to tell you. Learn to live your own Truth and to express your authentic self from a place of love and gratitude!

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Coming home to yourself

Dearmouring penetrates our emotional body and allows us to release our emotional blockages or armours that we have been building since birth. Dearmouring affects our emotional wellbeing and enables us to breathe out all blockages, sadness, stress, loss and unhealthy patterns. Because of this, it also relaxes our physical body. It is a way to free the body of all traumas and fill it with pure love, so we can achieve our true potential and allow ourselves to feel joy.
When you get a massage, you surrender to the masseuse, but with dearmouring, you are the one who's in controle. Nobody can force you in to a process you are not ready for. As you prepare for the process, it is important to set an intention, to be conscious of the process and allow yourself to go in to the depths of your trauma.

Manual therapy and Massage

Surrender to the healing touch

Massage is the contact with the physical, energy and emotional body.  Massage should be a regular habit for every human being. When we surrender to a massage on a physical level, it helps flush out the stagnant fluids from our body, it relaxes our muscles, tightens our skin and relieves joint pain, blush up pale skin and energize our body. It easily relieves mental blockages and feelings of uneasy. It helps unburden the mind that is full of anger and worries, brightens a feeling of sadness and helps to overcome depression.
Massage is beneficial throughout the year. In the spring, when our bodies are waking up, it helps to stimulate circulation and support the natural detox process of the body, in the summer it supports our relaxation, in the fall it relaxes us and helps us get prepared for the winter and during the winter it helps to wake up our body fluids and limbs from hibernation.


Sound journey

Dive deep into vibrations

The trip is unique and different each time, depending on the company that gathers at the event. It consists of three parts. In the first part, I will guide you with a shamanic drum so that we can connect with our intentions, what we would like to change in ourselves, revive, connect with our guides, ancestors, higher and stronger vibrations, and surrender to divine guidance. In the second part, we will travel around the world through sacred folk songs, from Slovenia, the Amazon, Africa, North America, and activate cells for regeneration and joy. In the last part, we will open our hearts and connect together in a circle of songs, sounds and dance.

Custom made workshops

Aligning With Your values

A unique, transformative experience, taylor made to suit your wants, needs and desires.

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