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Zen Massage


60 minutes


Zen Massage is there for all who need to relax, recharge and get pampered,

touched and nurtured.

Tiredness, stuckness, stress, and many other physical and mental ailments can very much benefit from this fluid, gentle and caring approach. Massage stimulates circulation, thereby helping to flush toxins from the body. During the massage itself our body and mind rests and regenerates faster. With this, we encourage a general better well-being.

This massage can help you with: fluid retention in the body, muscle tension, poor skin tone, joint pains, dry pale skin, nervousness, stress, depression, low energy, worry, depression, and more. It is especially good for people with a sensitive nervous system.

Even though this is a Zen Massage, it can still involve firm touch if you wish so, but the focus of this massage is overall relaxation of your body, mind and energy. This is an oil massage with fluid dynamic movements, like a dance on your body. You will feel more relaxed, connected to your body, clear headed, and uplifted.

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