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90 minutes



Yumeiho is a holistic therapeutic method based on manual actions performed on the entire body for maintaining or improving health. It has numerous scientifically proven prophylactic and curative effects.

FACT: OVER 95% OF PEOPLE HAVE AN INCORRECTLY ALIGNED PELVIS The pelvic disparity is leading to a set of problems and health issues. Consisting of about 100 maneuvers performed on your entire body, Yumeiho is utilizing deep tissue massage and joint manipulation techniques to correct spinal and pelvic imbalances, assisting the body’s natural healing processes.

YOU AND YUMEIHO: RESTORING THE BALANCE Yumeiho has numerous beneficial results: treating muscle and bone misalignment; releasing back, joint and muscle pains; correcting overall posture; treating neck pain; curing migraines and headaches; improving the functioning of internal organs; releasing menstrual pain; enhancing metabolism and treating digestion problems; Fighting fatigue and sleeplessness; strengthening the immune system; and many more.

YOU LIE DOWN: LET THE THERAPIST DO THE REST ... During Yumeiho therapy, all areas of the body are massaged, and all joints manipulated. The therapy itself is painless, but you will actually burn as many calories as you would on a 1500m run. It is performed on a floor mat through light, peferably cotton, comfortable clothes.

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