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90 minutes


Massage is the contact with the physical, energy and emotional body.  Massage should be a regular habit for every human being. When we surrender to a massage on a physical level, it helps flush out the stagnant fluids from our body, it relaxes our muscles, tightens our skin and relieves joint pain, blush up pale skin and energize our body. It easily relieves mental blockages and feelings of uneasy. It helps unburden the mind that is full of anger and worries, brightens a feeling of sadness and helps to overcome depression.

Massage is beneficial throughout the year. In the spring, when our bodies are waking up, it helps to stimulate circulation and support the natural detox process of the body, in the summer it supports our relaxation, in the fall it relaxes us and helps us get prepared for the winter and during the winter it helps to wake up our body fluids and limbs from hibernation.

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