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Sound Journey


90 minutes


Welcome to a wonderful event where we will relax, float and indulge in the sounds, vibrations, soundscapes and music of Nature. This unique experience will open our senses and teach us how to let go, learn and master simplicity. We will calm our hearts and minds, and learn to apply it in our daily lives. The journey is unique and different each time, depending on the group that gathers for the event. It consists of three parts. In the first part, I will guide you with a shamanic drum so that we can connect with our intentions, what we would like to change about ourselves, to resurrect, reconnect with our guides, ancestors, higher and powerful vibrations and surrender to divine guidance. In the second part we will travel across the world through sacred folk songs, from Slovenia, Amazonia, Africa, North America, and activate the cells for regeneration and joy. In the last part we will open our hearts and connect together in a circle of songs and sounds. Finally, in pure silence, we will feel the power of prana and share the experience over a cup of good tea. Come to the workshop in comfortable clothes, I will take care of the rest. 

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