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120 minutes


Coming home to yourself.

Dearmouring penetrates our emotional body and allows us to release our emotional blockages or armours that we have been building since birth. Dearmouring affects our emotional wellbeing and enables us to breathe out all blockages, sadness, stress, loss and unhealthy patterns. Because of this, it also relaxes our physical body. It is a way to free the body of all traumas and fill it with pure love, so we can achieve our true potential and allow ourselves to feel joy.When you get a massage, you surrender to the masseuse, but with dearmouring, you are the one who's in controle. Nobody can force you in to a process you are not ready for. As you prepare for the process, it is important to set an intention, to be conscious of the process and allow yourself to go in to the depths of your trauma.

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