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A One-on-one custom made retreat, tailored to fit your needs and support you in your life journey.

We can only be of service to others and in loving relationships with our family when we take care of ourselves. People are more and more conscious about diets and exercise and know how to support themselves in daily life, but taking care of ourselves sometimes means leaving the familiarity and taking time to reconnect with ourselves. If you feel you need a deep recharge, to realign with your essence and rediscover your sense of self, join us for a private retreat at the destination of your choice. We will do breath work, go on mindfulness walks, explore sound therapy and dive into body work. The package is individualized according to your needs and can take place anywhere in the world. Together we will find the location and incorporate practices that will best support your growth and alignment. If you feel stuck at work in your marriage or life in general, we can help you unlock the strength and inspiration to transform your obstacles into gifts.

In true connection

I keep an open heart

fulfilled with trust and joy

I embody my essence

speak my truth

and follow my purpose

as Life Force flows through me

I surrender

I give

I receive

I Am Presence

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