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Thu, May 11




We invite you to join us at a transformative workshop, where we will help you remove blockages and old unnecessary patterns, free yourself from negative thoughts and purify your body, let yourself loose and live life to the fullest!

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Time & Location

May 11, 2023, 6:00 PM – May 14, 2023, 3:00 PM

Lendava, Gaberje, 9220 Lendava, Slovenia

About the event

For many, the year 2022 was certainly one of the most difficult, transformative, full of challenges, endings and new beginnings. We invite you to join us at the Take LIFE IN! workshop and to clear all blockages, old unnecessary patterns, free yourself from negative thoughts and purify your body, let yourself loose and live life to the fullest!

What can you expect at the workshop?

A reset and a powerful return to yourself. An emotionally and physically transformative workshop awaits, which will help you release blockages on all levels of your being. We will learn to surrender to the flow of life. We will learn to feel the energy flowing through your body and listen to what it is telling you. You will learn to live your own truth and express your most authentic being that resides in pure love and gratitude!


When we are reeling in emotional and physical fatigue, tense and disconnected from ourselves, we need to reset and come back to ourselves. In this workshop we will do this through four principles: physical, spiritual, emotional and energetic. Through sound, voice, movement, breathing, meditation and collective work, we will connect with our essence and unlock the layers of emotions and traumas that affect our psychophysical state. 

You can expect the release of physical and emotional blockages (anger, sadness, fear, laughter, playfulness and joy), deep relaxation and self-discovery, the flow of energy through the body, a strong connection with your essence and the awakening of your life energy. An important part of this workshop will be letting go of what no longer serves you, identifying what you want to build anew and extracting everything you want to express.

We will enjoy raw, home-grown food at the workshop. Smoothies, fruits and salads in fasting meals will support us and congestions or blockages (powerlessness, emotional blockages, anger, fear, despair, sadness, numbness), which often linger right in the digestive tract, will thus have an easier path and support.

With its clean, high vibration, this raw and alive food will immediately support us especially in clear, clean thoughts and focus. Every day we will be lighter and more fluent.

The time of spring is also ideal for detox on all levels, not only physical. All excess toxins, including emotional ones, will have a better chance of being flushed out of the body faster with the help of proper food. We will start the morning with lemonades, vegetable juices and smoothies, and during the day we will enjoy salads and fruits in a picnic style in the beautiful Zen garden.

As a participant you will be physically preparing and introducing raw food 3-4 days before the workshop. You can find out more about this in the instructions upon registration.

What will we transform?

We will recognize and transform the negative patterns we cultivate towards ourselves and others. Through couple dynamics, we will explore guilt, shame and judgment, learn communication skills, set boundaries, have group conversations, teach attentive listening, explore what surrender means and more. 

We will bring our shadows into the light with love and create a higher quality of collective spirit! We will explore truth, gratitude, ego, love, compassion and surrender. We will intertwine all layers of what it means to be human with nature and connect them into a unique experience.


The workshop is intended for physically healthy beings who are ready to open their body and delve into the emotional, physical, pain and energy body. For those who want to release locked emotions from the body, who need a new direction in life, who want to live their truth and potential, and for sensitive people who experience the world and life on a deeper level.

This workshop is not a rest, but a deep work on yourself. Unlocking your essence brings great joy, but the journey to get there can be painful. That is why it is important that you have a strong intention for the workshop, that you really want to wake up and give your attention to the process.

Advance preparation and early registration for the workshop is recommended. The preparation process is a very important part of the workshop itself. You will receive detailed instructions for mental and physical preparation upon registration.

The workshop will be held in Slovenian. In case of a large number of applicants from abroad, the workshop will be held in English, or a translation will be provided.


If you are struggling with physical or psychological problems, write to us. If necessary, before confirming the application, we conduct a short introductory interview by phone or live.


- Physical work (dance, movement, recognition of body patterns);

- Somatic and yoga techniques;

- Unlocking the body;

- Contact with the emotional body;

- Energy techniques;

- Neuro Transformative Breathing;

- Meditative techniques, practice of presence, silence;

- Consciousness, contact with natural elements;

- Training of self-discipline and patience;

- Encouraging gratitude and compassion;

- Tolerance threshold;

- Listening to yourself (being heard, seen, accepted)

- Dealing with the ego;

- Setting boundaries, expressing your needs; (on a daily basis you will be given individual tasks, which you will carry out in practice with the other participants)

- Connection with others, initiation of true soul friendship, collective dynamics.


Educational and healing center Gaberje, Glavna ulica 42-46, 9220 Lendava

Arrival: Thursday 11 May at 18:00 Departure: Sunday 14 May at 15:00

All rooms have their own bathroom with a toilet and a shower. This means you share the bathroom with the amount of people in your room.


The number of places is limited. You are guaranteed a reservation only by purchasing a ticket with accommodation. Cancellation of the reservation is not possible, but you can transfer the place to someone else.

In case of cancellation on our part, we will consider your reservation for the next workshop.

In the case of financial problems, we offer you the option of paying in two installments. For this contact

MORE INFORMATION (for English speakers)

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